What would cavemen think of how food is packaged and sold today? Would they even consider today’s cuisine edible? Food certainly has come a long way since Cro-Magnon man had to pounce on animals to fill their bellies.

Opening on the 1st of June at Direktorenhaus, the ten-day Taste Festival illustrates how it isn’t just the ingredients or the combinations of tastes that have changed drastically over time. The aesthetics of food is also in constant flux, challenging traditional notions of what food is supposed to look like. To get the point across, the festival has invited a multidisciplinary panel of experts, including designers, manufacturers, artists, food curators and chefs. In performances, exhibitions, basars, workshops and lectures, they will be looking at all sorts of topics and aspects to do with food, e.g. the cultural significance of dining, the philosophy of packaging design, food manufacturing techniques nowadays and even the changes food will undergo in the future.

Publication Berlin&I Website
Date 01-06-2012
Industry Media
PDF Feast Your Eyes

If all that seems a little too theoretical for your taste buds, there will be plenty of opportunity to apply some of the insights you’ve gained. Not only are moderated dinner events and culinary performances planned, a free daily mini-market is open to the public by the banks of the Spree – with a whole host of rare products and futuristic street food on offer. You’ll find the full programme here. While the festival promises to show how much food has evolved, it may also prove how little homo sapiens has. After all, with all the delicious aromas wafting through Berlin city centre, who says we don’t pounce on food anymore?

Taste Festival
10 days of food and creativity
01.06.12 – 10.06.12

Am Krögel 2, Mitte
T 030 4849 1929