There’s something clandestine about the entrance to Berlin’s newest, suavest, swankiest drinking den, Drayton Bar. Not just because it’s tucked behind the Westin Grand hotel in a back alley otherwise reserved for the hotel’s rubbish and supply trucks; the latest addition to the Cookies club empire has a a decidedly neoclassic, art deco twist reminiscent of Prohibition-era Chicago. On the subject of twists, barmeister Christian Gentemann has concocted an arsenal of cocktails to suit every taste, inspired by recipes from the 1920s and 1930s. Be sure to explore the lower floors of the building too, where you will find a labyrinth of chambers housing a wedding chapel and miniature vintage erotic cinema.

Publication Berlin&I Website
Date 14-03-2012
Industry Media
PDF Drayton Bar

The Drayton Bar may sound a little like a stuffy piano bar, but it’s full of surprises. For starters, they don’t have a piano. Well, actually they do – sometimes. Like this Thursday the 15th, when the Yellow Lounge sets up shop with the 16-year Jan Lisiecki playing Mozart’s piano concertos 20 and 21. But, Yellow Lounge being Yellow Lounge, there’s a twist. At 1 a.m., the performance by Deutsche Gramophon’s wunderkind and his DJ colleagues Canisius und Terrible segues seamlessly into clubbier pastures, as the label mildpitch takes over on the turntables.

Drayton Bar
Behrenstr. 55, Mitte

Yellow lounge in the Drayton Bar
Thursday 15th of March
Entry: €6
from 9 p.m
Live Act: Jan Lisiecki (piano)
DJs: Canisius und Terrible (Washing Machine)