The thing about Berlin and its bars is that after the fall of the wall there was almost too much free space to choose from. Berliners have been spoiled with bars in some of the most outlandish period venues. Enter “Le Chat Gris”, a neo-modern watering hole cum subterranean club right by one of Berlin’s busiest bar strips, Torstrasse.

Publication Berlin&I Website
Date 29-05-2012
Industry Media
Link Cat in a grey concrete house

Located in the ground floor and basement of the highly distinctive anthracite building known as “L40″ (derived from the address: Linienstrasse 40) Le Chat Gris is something of a novelty in that the premises were only recently built in 2011. With lots of mirroring in various hues, floral lightshades in bronze and hints of neo-art deco, it has all the trappings of a grown-ups bar with the added extra of lots of mischief going on downstairs on the dancefloor. What’s more, Le Chat Gris isn’t just a cocktail lounge for Berlin’s impeccably under-overdressed and very creative Mitte crowd; every day at 5 p.m. is also Crémant time.


Le Chat Gris
Linienstrasse 40