It’s not like Berlin&I is obsessed with the morbid, what with our Nosferatu competition last month and this month’s bar of the month named after the famous vampire actor Bela Lugosi. But we do like to think we know a good bar when we see one. And Lugosi Bar fully deserves the accolade we’ve decided to bestow on it after many a night of testing to the limits. Headed by part of the team that was involved in one of the city’s former culinary hotspots (the Bar25 restaurant), the folks at Lugosi certainly know what it takes to serve classy cocktails and long drinks. And that, ironically enough, in a part of town known for its love of class warfare.

Publication Berlin&I Website
Date 11-04-2012
Industry Media
PDF Bar Crush: Lugosi

Although Lugosi sports a typically “poor but sexy” Berliner decor, its finely selected drinks menu tells a different story altogether. The glasses the beverages are served in count as much as the ingredients (and specially formed ice cubes) that go into the compositions. Definitely worth trying are any of the rum concoctions the team have been perfecting. It almost seems like they’re working on a thesis to find the mother of all Dark and Stormy’s. More conservative palates might prefer a sweet, but sinful Old Fashioned. As with any bar, the people who are serving the drinks contribute at least as much to the experience as the beverages themselves. With their exquisite penchant for wisdom, discretion, courtesy and a wee bit of hedonistic savoir vivre, Lugosi’s staff incorporate all the hallmarks of what you would expect of a properly adult bar. Santé!

Lugosi Bar
Reichenberger Str 152